railroad watches trainRailroad Watches are considered Investments by collectors - and for good reasons too!

Railroad pocket watches were perhaps the most accurate and highest grade watches ever made in their price range. Their high value and prestige is being recognized by more and more collectors everyday.
Railroad watches are no longer being produced. The last to be made in the U.S. was Hamilton watch company's model 992B, in 1969.
Railroad watches were specifically made for a small demanding niche market, and there just wasn't that many of them made. Those that still survive today, in any condition, are hard to find.
The allure and romance of the railroad is mesmerizing for collectors all over the world. As this iconic industry giant of our past wanes, it seems that everyone is clamoring to own memories of it.
Railroad watches are extremely undervalued today -- and savvy collectors know this! Invest in some yourself -- you'll be glad you did! 


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As well as currently running auctions, our pocket WATCHES LIBRARY is dedicated to providing authoritative articles for enthusiast of railroad watch collecting. Articles now in the library are:

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11.What are the "Jewels" in your Railroad Watch?
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