Have you heard the saying, "Get on the Ball" This is where it came from.

railroad watch ad #1Ball watches are perhaps one of the best known, and certainly the most respected, names in railroad watches. However, they DID NOT make watches. Webb C. Ball, founder of the Ball Watch Co. of Cleveland, Ohio was the driving force behind the development of the extremely accurate class of watches "approved for railroad service".

Ball sold silverware, jewelry, clocks and watches, from his small shop near the railroad tracks in Cleveland in the 1880s. Due to a fatal wreck in 1891 in Kipton, Ohio the General Superintendent of the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railroad appointed Ball as Chief Inspector to investigate the industry's timekeeping practices and formulate inspection standards. He served the railroad industry well and soon, his standardization policy was in place throughout 125,000 miles of track in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

In 1893, seizing the opportunity, Ball contracted with watch companies such as E.Howard, Waltham, Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden and others, to provide him with watch movements that met his strict standards. He then inserted these movements into high quality cases that bore the name of the Ball Watch Company on the outside. By 1908, the Ball Watch company was furnishing high grade pocket watches to over 100 different railroad systems.

Eventually Waltham, Hamilton, Elgin and all the other watch manufacturers of that era produced and sold watches to railroad men that conformed to the set of standards that Ball had established, but for over one hundred years pocket watches that bore the Ball watch company name have been considered to be the Rolls-Royce of Railroad pocket watches.

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