6 Reasons Why You should Collect Railroad Watches.

Today the collecting area of Railroad watches is HOT! And it's heating up more everyday.

four old railroad watchesWhat is it about old Railroad watches that makes them so desirable?

Actor Dom Deluise, who is an avid collector of antique Railroad watches, once stated: "They take up very little room, and they are beautiful." There certainly is no denying either of these two points.

The craftsmanship, history, rarity, romance and skyrocketing investment value of railroad pocket watches make them great collectibles.

1) Craftsmanship
Today Swiss watches are considered the finest in the world, but that was not always so. At the turn of the twentieth century American railroad watches where by far superior in quality, reliability and accuracy to any other watch on the planet. In their price range railroad watches were the highest grade watches ever made. The prestige of owning such a precision instrument is being recognized by more and more collectors everyday.

2) Low Production
Railroad watches were specifically made to meet the demands of one industry - railroads. While this was a large industry in its era, the number of railroad watches made was nowhere near the number of ordinary pocket watches sold to the general public. Even though quite a few companies made Railroad watches, they just were not produced in large quantities.

3) Truly Rare
The facts that railroad watches are no longer being produced and the low production numbers of those that were produced, combine to guarantee their scarcity. Add to that, the fact that few survived into the twenty-first century. Over the years many just got lost or inadvertently tossed out with the trash. Some where disassembled for their parts. But perhaps the largest percentage of railroad watches that are no longer with us, fell prey to being scrapped for the gold or silver value of their cases. Those watches that still survive today, in any condition, are very hard to find. Those in good condition are truly rare.

4) Allure of the Rails
Blue Choo Choo railroad watchYoung and old alike are mesmerized by the spirit of the rails. The attraction that the public has for anything pertaining to the history and romance of the railroad industry is amazing. Perhaps it is because the railroads where so vital to mankind's development over the last one hundred and fifty years, and collectors are seeking a small connection to that history. Whatever the reason, the allure and romance of the railroad is drawing more collectors to railroad pocket watches every day.

5) Accelerating Prices
Perhaps the number one reason people are getting into Railroad watches as collectibles is for their solid performance as investments. The skyrocketing prices of precious metals - in particular, gold - has drawn serious collectors to evaluate antique pocket watches in an all together new light. Like rare coins, gold cased pocket watches will never decrease in value below the value of their gold content. Today that is over $900 an ounce and climbing.

6) Undervalued
Despite all of the reasons above, railroad watches are STILL extremely undervalued today. As more and more enthusiasts compete to own fewer and fewer watches, prices will continue to spiral upward. And savvy collectors know this! Just a few short years ago, an investment in an ounce of gold at $300 seemed high to the average Joe. But smart investors knew otherwise. Today it's over three times that amount. Rarity and desirability, will always drive prices upwards. Amazingly, Railroad watches can still be found at quite affordable prices on eBay auctions. A typical railroad watch in good to fine condition sells for between $200 and $400. This cost has accelerated somewhat in the last 12 months, largely due to the fact that European and Asian collectors are now coming into the market. But, according to experts, prices are expected to rise even more.

Perhaps you should Invest in some yourself,
-- you'll be glad you did!

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